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To date, I've helped create 300 children's books!

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A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters
Written by Mary Jo Nyssen

A Day With Gran
Written by Chiffon Jenkins

A Perfect Picnic - 2011 Moonbeam's Children's book award winners
Written by Michael Mei

Written by Linda Flay

A Boy and His Dog
Written by Bob Hoffman

A Wild Ride
Written by G.W. Ivey

Abby's Sunday Funday
Written by Tamara L. Herrera

Aden and his Orb
Written by Molly Rausch

Adventure in the Amazon
Written by Susan Aguilo

Alexander and the Ring of Destiny
Written by Denise Pryce

Alexander and the Spear of Destiny
Written by Susan Aguilo

Alexander's Great Adventure
Written by Melannie Torres

Alice in Wonderland
Written by Lewis Carroll, abridged and illustrated by Mike Motz

Amelia, the Moochins, and the Sapphire Palace
Written by Evonne Blanchard

An Alien Ate My Jelly Beans
Written by Gera L. Schultz

An Alligator's Tale
Written by Susan Peterson and Kristine Tullo

An Elephant's Visit
Written by Katherine Melvin

And Then There Were Three
Written by Lisa Taylor

Angelique's Secret
Written by Rinda Webber

Written by Wanda Roush

Annie Says Hi
Written by Ashley Ganser

Archie the Archangel
Written by Reverend Lou Bauer

At the Park With Tommy and Scales
Written by Celeste Little

Auntie Maim: Revenge of the Homophones
Written by Dave Tish

Baby Bath Time With Grandma
Written by Marianne Wood

Baby Rattle
Written by Jackie Bradley

Babysitter, Out of Control!
Written by Margaret McMaster

Baffin's Desire For Fire
Written by Josephine Young

Bailey, Where Are You?
Written by Davida Grant

Barely a Bunny
Written by Susan Rutledge

Bedrest Mommy
Written by Jennifer Christensen

Before I Say Goodnight
Written by Lyric Mason

Being Different Is Ok
Written by Davida Grant

Bella's Dancing Dilemma
Written by Josephine Young

Benny and the Rockman
Written by wjHughes

BOGO the Builder
Written by B.G. Rozi

Bountiful Butterflies
Written by Cheryl Woodward

Bryce Likes Trains
Written by Nancy Kelly

Bubble Gum Dreams
Written by Mary Ann Castagnetta

Buddy Booby's Birthmark - Seen on CBS, CNN, and NBC-TV
Written by Evan and Donna Ducker

Cannon's Birthday
Written by Shantoria Scherrie

Cardinal Christmas
Written by The Four Menards

Carly Likes Blue
Written by Martina Thompson

Written by Rebecca Turner

Cigarette Sue
Written by Chris Thuma

Written by Jivonne Prioleau

Clyde and His Messy Room
Written by Jivonne Prioleau

Clyde the Wonderful Reader
Written by Jivonne Prioleau

Cole Has A Mole
Written by Barry Eppley

Corky and the Cat
Written by Shanta Rishi Dube

Counting Your Way Down The Toccoa River Canoe Trail
Written by Elizabeth Salvati

Crinkles the Dog That Couldn't 'Woof'
Written by C.J. Goff

Cupcake Adventures
Written by Lena Thomas

Daddy and Me
Written by K. L. Brooks

Written by Rebecca Turner

Don't Forget About Me, Dad!
Written by Susanna Stacy Wetmore

Duncan goes To Australia
Written by K.D. Sanford

Dot Farm
Written by G. Michael Bryner

Earl The Pearl
Written by Dennis Santos

Elephant Soup?
Written by Mary Ann Castagnetta

Ellie Hears an Elephant
Written by Barry Eppley

Emmy, the Bug Gulping Dog
Written by Rebecca McInvale

Epi's Edge
Written by Claudette Vega

Erin and the Snow Pizza
Written by Patricia Cote

Ernest the Purple Rooster
Written by Cashie Lehto

Gerald Hedberg The Christmas Buffalo
Written by Dahn Lee

Giant Question
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Giggle Grump Gurgle
Written by P. J. Cowan

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Written by Private Client

Good Morning, World!
Written by Mrs. D

Graceful Gabby Finds Love in Blue
Written by Crystal Marable

Grandpa's Best Christmas Eve Ever
Written by Patti Seymour Killham

Guess Who Mr. Dinosaur?
Written by Christopher Isaiah Penn Smith

Gwendolyn's Nose
Written by Irene Marynowicz

Harvest Time at Sheldon's Blueberry Farm
Written by Melissa Jones

Harvey's First Halloween
Written by Wendy Swiney

Harvey's Very Favorite Place
Written by Wendy Swiney

Herbie's Mysterious Christmas Adventure
Written by Perry Jones

Hooray for the Circus
Written by Ginger DeVine

Hopper and The Happy Houses
Written by Candace Spicer

How Bullies Grow
Written by M.B. Massey

How To Trick Or Treat In The Enchanted Forest And Not Get Eaten By A Monster
Written by Dahn Lee

I Am
Written by Eileen Cianciolo

Written by Pricilla Cowan

I Can't, I Won't, No Way!
Written by Tracey J. Vessillo

Ice Cream Is A Sometime Food
Written by Sheila Hales & Michelle Street

I Don't Like Spiders
Written by Pat Nicholson

If You Could Be The Critter You See
Written by Kirk Eason

Iggy Finds A Home
Written by Linda Schopper

I'm Adopted And That's A Great Thing
Written by Nancy Ketchel

Impatient Izzy's Flying Disaster
Written by Josephine Young

Inspector Rumblepants and the Case of The Golden Haggis
Written by Mike Blyth

Is That Really Necessary?
Written by Bibi Cordova

Is Today A Stay At Home Day?
Written by Mary Barnes

I Wonder How Terribly, Is Speech Therapy?
Written by Teaira Frazier'Munoz

Jade and The Walking Stick
Written by Ryan Tipton

Jenny's Own Puppy
Written by Martha Barnes

Jingles Celebrates The Season
Written by Holly Beeman, Teresa Burnap, Sheila Odom, and Pat Selk

Kaitlynn Ann Can!
Written by Marilyn Cole

Katie the Therapy Cat
Written by Becky Hale

Kendahl and The Vision
Written by Olympia Atkinson

KenKay Hair I Am
Written by Kandra Ferguson

Kika The Upside Down Girl
Written by Jessica Tudos

Lab in the Lab
Written by Wendy Maxey

Lacey and Lucey Move to a New Neighborhood
Written by Franny Vergo

Learn Along With Lily - Winner of Learning® Magazine 2009 Teachers' ChoiceSM Award for the Family; and Finalist, National Best Books 2008 Awards, USA Book News' Children's Educational category
Written by Donna McNaughton

Lie On A Yardstick (cover)
Written by Rita Hestand

Life Around a Lake
Written by Margie Young

Life Lessons with Twila, George and Bertie
Written by Ben Foster

Lily The Paci Fairy
Written by Ariana Romero

Lion In A Bush
Written by Alan Buerger

Little Big Benny - The Boy That Didn't Know He Was The Centre of The Universe
Written by Katie Cook Pisapia

Little Big Benny - Double Stick Karma
Written by Katie Cook Pisapia

Little Big Benny - The Wicked Itch
Written by Katie Cook Pisapia

Little Brown Child
Written by Lara Washington

Little Cloud
Written by Steve Catanzano

Little Flat Head
Written by Nelida Wakefield

Little Hawk
Written by Maria L. Torres-Chaparro

Little Jimmy Says - Same is Lame
Written by Jim Venezio

Little Scarecrow's Big Problem
Written by Mary Beth Bamat

Live In The Moment, Now!
Written by Linda Kay Burk

Lizzie Goes To Day Camp
Written by LaVerne Bogans

Looking For Love on Mongo Tongo
Written by Margaret McMaster

Lovely, the Vain Fairy Princess
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Love You Forever
Written by Jeff Zydeck

Lovey's Lost Valentine
Written by K.C. Snow

Mailbox Pals
Written by J.D. Bliss

Marvin Maples Told A Lie
Written by Susan Rutledge

Maya and the Tale Chasers
Written by Cynthia Racz

Memories of Home
Written by Maida Babb

Memories of My Mommy
Written by Peaches Dean

Michael O'Brien and the Magic Hat
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Miracles All Around Us
Written by Candy Myers

Missy, Mike and Cocoa: The Little Red Wagon Adventure
Written by Bonnie Scheller

Molly The Monkey
Written by John Rosano

Mommy Found A Lump
Written by Nathalie Johnson

Mommy, Where is God?
Written by Joyce Diloy

Mommy's Come Home From Treatment
Written by Denise Crosson

Mommy's Gone to Treatment
Written by Denise Crosson

Mommy! There's a Snot Man Standing Next to You!
Written by Kimberly Scott

Monster Bash
Written by Stephanie Shulman

More Small Stories For Small People
Written by P.J. Cowan

Written by Archie Urciuoli

Muttmulligans II
Written by Archie Urciuoli

Muttmulligans III
Written by Archie Urciuoli

Muttmulligans IV
Written by Archie Urciuoli

My Baby
Written by Denise Bruneau

Myles Picks The Field
Written by K.C. Snow

My Traveling Grandma
Written by Marie Wallace

Nadia Plays The Part
Written by Nazarene Publishing

Never Far Apart - Reviewed on the FOX News website
Written by (pen name) Lt. Gary

Night of 1,000 Pumpkins
Written by Laura Cassar

Norman the Troll Finds a New Home
Written by Jerome Holst

Oh Me, Oh My!
Written by Jeff Harris

Oh No! There's A Hole In The World
Written by Renee Horrey

Ole Rabbit
Written by Jivonne Prioleau

Once on a Pirate Ship I Saw
Written by Derik Baltich

One Brown Shoe
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Our Magical House
Written by Vicky Siegrist

O'Toole's Orchard
Written by Chandler McEwan

Pants the Pumpkin
Written by Stephanie Swindle

Pete Pelican's Troubled Double Shoe Tying Lesson!
Written by Michelle Massey

Pete's Potty
Written by Belinda Hayden

Pet Me
Written by pTrisha W. Chaney

PJ's Super Colossal Coloring Book
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Play Time With Grandma
Written by Marianne Wood

Posy Wonderful
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Puddles of Ithaca
Written by Richard R. Davison

Pumpkin Bunch
Written by Peter Tucker

Recycling Rudy
Written by Monica Webber

Rocco Goes to Italy
Written by Rina Loccisano

Rosy the Sweet-Smelling Skunk
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Sally's Scary Halloween
Written by William Hughes

Sammy The Centipede Goes To The Chiropractor
Written by Maria Luchsinger

Sammy The Centipede Goes To The Dentist
Written by Maria Luchsinger

Sammy The Centipede Goes To The Market
Written by Maria Luchsinger

Samuel Rigby Loves Bugs
Written by Ann Vance

Santa's Magic Key
Written by Patricia Vogelsang

Santa's Miracle Bears
Written by Dennies Santos

Sara's Fairy
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Sasha Squirrel and Chirpy Chipmunk
Written by Dorothy Swygert

Sassafras and Chicory
Written by John Wanzer Drane

Sheldon, The Anti-Oxidant Hero of Jaloonsville
Written by Melissa Jones

Simon Says Share - 2009 Finalist National Indie Excellence Awards
Written by Jacqueline Thomas

Sir Beau The Ambassador Cat
Written by Nancy Palumbo

Something Special
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Spinner's Spooky Surprise
Written by Holly Beeman, Teresa Burnap, Sheila Odom, and Pat Selk

Squished Bananas and Other Homework Battles
Written by Stephanie Gee

Stealing Is Bad, But Giving Is Good
Written by Shawn Hipskind

Super Pooper
Written by Monika Sloan

Sweet Somethings
Written by Henna Bhawnani

Teachers Are People Too
Written by Cheryl Bun

Ten Little Duckies
Written by Octavia Reed

Thank You God For Onions
Written by Mark Tenniswood

The Adventures of Blythe and Sage
Written by Kimberlee Cox

The Adventures of Koko and Joey - Family
Written by Karen Below

The Adventures of Neddy and Teddy Fairy
Written by Pricilla Cowan

The Adventures of Posh Princess: At the Royal Palace!
Written by Carolina Cutruzzola

The Adventures of Snowflake and Ducky
Written by Lynne Connolly

The Adventures of Toby and Doby
Written by Susan Pennington

The Angel Academy
Written by Martina Cartwright

The Antelope Who Loved Cantaloupe
Written by Celeste Halata

The Best Father's Day Present Ever
Written by Nilma Shaffer

The Best Present
Written by Katyana Du Leon-West

The Big Bad Turkey
Written by Lorenza Bedgood

The Blueberry Bandit
Written by Melissa Jones

The Boogie Bug Beneath The Bed
Written by Ken Marrs

The Book Building
Written by Ken Marrs

The Bunny and The Turtle
Written by Ray Kim

The Choice of The Spirit Child
Written by Susan Estes

The City Kittens and The Old House Cat
Written by Mrs. D

The Cow That Mooed Boo - Readers' Favorite Book Awards - Bronze Medal
Written by Cathy Leininger

The Curious Angel
Written by Michele Byrt

The Day I Shipped My Pants
Written by Joe Suljack

The Frog and The Ant
Written by Phyllis Rodgers

The Good Day Bad Day Book
Written by Martha Barnes

The Goofy Gourmet - 2009 Silver Mom's Choice Award for Cooking and Food
Written by Michael Mei

The Greatest Gift
Written by Rachael Patel

The Hero Chicken
Written by Dan Houts

The Hidden Treasures of My Kingdom Pals
Written by Julie Page and Sabrina Adams

The Improbable Party on Purple Plum Lane
Written by Margaret McMaster

The Kikabees First Voyage
Written by Shan Smith

The Last Christmas Cookie
Written by Virginia Smith

The Legend of Jess the Beach Dog
Written by Christine Driscoll

The Lion and The Mouse
Written by Gabre' Medhin

The Little Cherubs of Sunray Land
Written by Regina Feliciano

The Little Dog Who Stopped Traffic
Written by Laurin Kyle Boyle

The Little Fish
Written by Gerri Naughton

The Little Girl In The Palace
Written by Sameer Kapadia

The Magical Story of the GetWellephants
Written by Pat Tantalo

The Miracle Factory
Written by Elisha Simmons

The Missing Goose Egg
Written by Ginger DeVine

The Missing Pencils
Written by Ginger DeVine

The Moving Hat
Written by Patricia Vogelsang

The Nook at The Bottom of the Stairs
Written by Audrey Jean Childs

The Nuuit Adventure
Written by Don Clark

The Night Before Christmas - adaptation
Originally written by Clement Clark Moore

The Nutty Race
Written by Sueli Tilson

The Old Cookie Jar
Written by Susie Snow

The Puppy Paws and Santa Claus
Written by George Tsampiras

The Rescue of Bullyfrog
Written by Pricilla Cowan

The Responsible One
Written by Carrie Ramsey-Tookes

The Scared Little Snowflake
Written by Mary Beth Bamat

The Secret Zoo
Written by Dick Ellwood

The Snowman's Revenge
Written by Mark Smythe

The Snuggly Duckling
Written by Mark Melikan

The Special Smile
Written by S.F. Gilbert

The Speckled Little Pumpkin
Written by Mary Beth Bamat

The Story of Queen Noel
Written by Guy Oliver

The Three Little Lawnmowers
Written by Emily Norris

The Three Little Lawnmowers Part 2
Written by Emily Norris

The Treasure In Her Smile
Written by Emily Norris

The Tired Little Turtle
Written by Mary Beth Bamat

The Tooth Fairy
Written by Ian Wilms

The Travels of Hatshau'Tay
Written by J.P. Miquel

The True Drummer Boy
Written by Leta Rhodes

The Turtles
Written by Maria Plascencia

The True Adventures of My Friend Iggy
Written by Linda Schopper

The Valley Dogs
Written by Debbie Stewart

The Vanishing Squid
Written by Katie Sroka

Things Are Big When You're A Bug
Written by Ken Marrs

This is Why Mommy and Daddy Love You
Written by Victor Miles

This Van Is Not A Garbage Can!
Written by Jennifer Miller-Hovan

Thomas and the Fire
Written by John Longos

Those Mean Bugs Are Going To Get Me, Mommy!
Written by Janine Eterovich-Boynar

Tickle Tales
Written by Corinne Soucy

Tilbee Toadlet's Trip to Town
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Tilly Goes To The Beach
Written by Sandra Hughes

Tinycandy's Gift
Written by Susan Estes

Toby and Doby's First Easter
Written by Susan Pennington-Hurtubise

Toby and Doby Go To School
Written by Susan Pennington-Hurtubise

Tony and Sam Get Promoted
Written by David Strobridge

Tovar Colony: A German Odyssey
Written by Rafael Marimon

Trapped In Toyland
Written by Jeff Zydeck

Trevor Becomes A Good Citizen
Written by Martha Barnes

Written by Nick Baker

Twila, George and Bertie Go Into Orbit
Written by Ben Foster

Wake Up, Montana Ned!
Written by Melissa Jones

Weird Wacky Wonderful Wilma
Written by Roberta Eng

Wendy Wonders: Why Are We Different
Written by Wanda Ball

What Can We Do Next? - EVVY Literary Award Winner from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, Mom's Choice Award - Silver Recipient: Imagine It, 2013 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner
Written by Toula Magi

What Color Is Your Happiness?
Written by Gertilyn D'Argenzio

What do you feed an Imaginary Dragon?
Written by P.J. Cowan

What Happened In July
Written by Margaret McMaster

What Makes YOU Happy
Written by Joan Schaner

What Shall We Dream?
Written by Amy O'Connor

Where Are The Eggs?
Written by Mary Beth Bamat

Where Is Scales?
Written by Celeste Little

Where Is Tomorrow?
Written by Ginger DeVine

Where's A Frog When You Need One?
Written by Katie Hawkins

Whimsy's Garden
Written by Pricilla Cowan

Who Do I Think You Are?
Written by The Four Menards

William Goat and the Night Sky
Written by Tim Mooney

Willow, Too Soon, Too Late
Written by P.J. Cowan

Willows Bend
Written by Kat Michaels

Willy's Treehouse
Written by Rebecca McInvale

Yabut the Rabbit
Written by Aimee Washington

You Are The Best You
Written by Adeshola Ezeokoli

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