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It's been my pleasure to help numerous writer's become self-published children's book authors. Here's a small selection of the wonderful comments over the years that authors have said in regards to the artwork for their books and to working with me:

"You asked me to let you know how my book has been received last time we spoke. It has been wonderful! Everyone is impressed with the artwork and those who had not read the story before loved it. I've gotten several notes of congratulations as well. Thank you again for all your work, I'll definately ask you to do the next one as soon as I'm ready."
- Pat Cote (author of "Erin and the Snow Pizza")

"My book is making the rounds. The librarian at Slater/Marietta schools has reviewed it and raved about it. As soon as school gets underway they want me to come in and read it to the children. I've also dropped off a copy at Anderson and Travelers Rest, SC public libraries. Thanks to your illustrations and my story, Valley Dogs is sure to be a hit!"
- Debbie Stewart (author of "The Valley Dogs")

"I already received a couple of copies of Book 1 and it looks great. I sent a copy to my parents and they both were impressed as well. Thanks again for the illustrations and for helping with the publishing. Later today, I'll be sending you Book 2."
- Jivonne N. Prioleau (author of "Clyde" and "Clyde and His Messy Room")

"My copy has arrived from the publisher, Authorhouse. The illustrations are vibrant and fun. The book is beautiful."
- Ginger DeVine (author of "The Missing Goose Egg", "The Missing Pencils", "Hooray for the Circus" and "Where is Tomorrow")

"Once again Mike, you and your skilled staff have come through for me and my project. The attention to detail is not only excellent artistry, but is to be commended. I am very happy with my finished product and thankful once again my vision of the artwork for my project was captured, as I knew it would be. My finished book has been complimented over and over again. The one constant praise by everyone is what a wonderful story and how beautiful and amazing the details are of the illustrations. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff again and I hope to work together on more of my future work."
- Susan E. Estes (author of "The Choice of The Spirit Child" and "Tinycandy's Gift")

"I received the book and it looks absolutely amazing! Everyone that has seen it has been incredibly impressed´┐Ż I cannot begin to thank you and your staff for the amazing job that you have done on this project!"
- Jeremy Cargile (author of "Melinda and Jeremy")

"When I wrote my book Monster Bash, I never would have imagined the illustrations to be as beautiful as they are. Mike is such a gifted artist. Not only is every page a visual masterpiece, there is humor and sensitivity in his artwork. I feel such a sense of pride when people read the book and they praise the illustrations. I was so fortunate to find and work with Mike Motz. Mike displayed a level of professionalism and artistry that exceeded my expectations."
- Stephanie Shulman (author of "Monster Bash")

"I would like to commend you on your professionalism and the wonderful talent of the artist who did the work. You both made what I thought would be a very arduous experience, extremely easy and enjoyable, and I wouldn't hesitate to use your services again."
- Margaret McMaster (author of "Babysitter, Out of Control")

"I chose Mike Motz's illustration group, as a first time writer, because his website was extremely user friendly. Upon emailing him with primary my desires and ideas, he responded within less than two days, as were all of our other correspondences. He also assisted me with questions outside of his immediate realm and was thoroughly helpful in my finding a reputable publisher. His production of the materials - the black & whites and the colors - came in a far sooner than was agreed upon and were as wonderful as I could have hoped. I would recommend Mike Motz to anyone I know who is looking for an illustrator and definitely plan to use his services for my future books!"
- Kimberly Scott (author of "Mommy, There's a Snotman Standing Next to You")

"It was a great pleasure working with you, Mike. You were very precise, honest and took time out to even talk about certain questions I had. The illustrations came out exactly like I expected. I am very happy with the work. I will definitely hire you again for my next children's book."
- Maria L. Torres-Chaparro (author of "Little Hawk")

This is just a small sampling of testimonials received for our work. For more, please view this site on a larger screen.
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